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Why You Should Think Twice Before You Create Your Own App Online

There are plenty of online tools that help you create your own app. Many are quite good. But that doesn’t mean you should build an app online. Here’s why…


Your App Should Be Uniquecreate your own app

When you create your own app online, you build an app based on someone else’s app. Most app builders, and especially free ones, use design principles and elements other apps already use.

That helps keep the app consistent with current design standards. But it doesn’t make your app look too original.

With a mobile app design company, you have full control over your app development. You can customize every design element down to the smallest detail.

You can also reinvent layouts and buttons if you feel you have to. It’s good to remember this before you create your own app online.


There’s a Lot That Can Go Wrong

Most app builders make sure that big bugs don’t make it into your app. That’s great. Still, it leaves room for performance lag, visual glitches, or crashes.

Testing your app is a key phase in the development process. Good testing means taking it out of visual testing simulators and on real devices. When you create your own app with a mobile app design company, you invest in professional testing.

After development, your app gets tested the way it should. Bugs get squashed. The first release is a fully functional, and you have a bug-free app.


Limited Functionality and Development

Choose to create your own app online, and you can put into it only the features that the app builder supports. But what if you want to link your app to a particular database or sell in-app items?

You may have a hard time finding an app builder that lets you implement all these on your own terms, without limitations.

When you create your own app online, you also restrict its development. Even if you get full rights over the code, inherent design limitations in the platform may hold you back.

You may not be able to add in all the features you want later on… it’s like putting a cap on how much your app can grow.

On top of all this, you may also have to put up with third-party ads or branding within your app.


Create Your Own App the Right Way

As you can see, choosing to create your own app with an online app builder isn’t the best idea.

At Swiftly Digital, we are a hybrid marketing agency based in Los Angeles that also serves as a mobile app design company. We build apps that people enjoy using. Create your own app now and reach out to us to get things started.

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