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How to Choose Your First Animated Video Production Company

Animated video production works best when it’s done by professionals. But choosing an experienced explainer video company isn’t that easy. In this post, we’ll show you how.

There are plenty of marketing agencies in Los Angeles. But what you really need is a specialized explainer video production company. In other words, a team of experts with a strong marketing background. Settling for anything less may turn out to be a disappointment.

Never worked with an animated video production company before? No problem. This is a good time to start. But you have to pay attention to a few things.

animated video production

Background in Animated Videos

Explainer videos come in many forms, including whiteboard, live action, or screencast. Choosing an explainer video company that doesn’t usually do video animation isn’t a good idea. Even if they offer you great rates.

Ideally, you want to invest in a custom, hand-crafted animated video production. You want your video to look professional and stand out. Otherwise, you could make the video yourself, using tools available online.

Scripting Ability

Even 90 seconds animated videos need a script. A good one. The animated video production company you choose should be able to script your video. Also, they should be able to adapt and improve an existing script, if you have one. If they can’t help you with this, keep looking.

Marketing knowledge in animated video production is only the first step in launching a successful video. You also need to execute the marketing of the video. Without the right marketing at the right time, your video won’t be visible.

So, choose a video production company that also specializes in digital marketing. One that knows how to promote a video across channels.


SEO Knowledge

SEO can increase the visibility of any explainer video. It does this in an organic way. It’s not just a question of tags or keywords. Backlinking, page performance, and video responsiveness also matter.

Look for a professional animated video production company. Make sure they have an SEO expert in Los Angeles based on their team. In conclusion, animated video production is a creative process. It has to fit in with your brand image.

Companies that take animated video production seriously draw in more traffic. They also generate more leads.

Work with Us

At Swiftly Digital, animated video production is one of our passions. We love to create 90 seconds explainer videos and other animated videos. Let us create an awesome animated video for you.



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