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6 Social Media Guerrilla Marketing Tips

Social media is a great breeding ground for guerrilla marketing. But only for those who use it right. Here are the only social media guerrilla marketing ideas and tips you’ll need to get started.



1. Build Your Guerilla Marketing Campaign Around a Contest

Social media users love contests. Popular contests invite your fans and followers to create their own content. This includes creative selfies, videos, and creative writing. At the same time, they offer engaging rewards.


2. Make Sure It Doesn’t Offend Anyone

Will your social media guerilla marketing campaign offend minorities or other groups? Guerilla marketing has a long history of controversy. Even big brands get bashed for it now and then. So, remember this — the best marketing is effective without being offensive.


3. Make It Visual

Guerilla marketing ideas that can turn into viral marketing campaigns are often visual. Images, videos, and infographics make a powerful statement. Everyone understands them. They’re also easy to share. If your marketing isn’t visual, it’s time to make it.


4. Try a Los Angeles Social Media Agency

Like any serious marketing campaign, guerilla marketing requires planning and monitoring. It also calls for adjustments, if it doesn’t work as planned.

Having a marketing agency based in Los Angeles on your team makes everything easier. It’s also great if your company doesn’t have a dedicated marketing team.


5. Make It Engaging

Unlike other types of marketing, guerilla marketing is supposed to be fun. People should take part because they want to. Making it social is one way to boost engagement. This is why taking your marketing to social media is a good idea.

Another thing you can do is address your audience directly. Do it in a way they can’t ignore. Your marketing should be a real problem they are facing. In this way, it’s hard for them not to fall for your guerilla marketing ideas.


6. Make It Mobile

When your guerilla marketing is mobile, you can reach a wider audience. Most people today connect to the internet through their smartphones and tablets. It’s faster and easier than turning on their computer.

Take your guerilla marketing to mobile. Make sure mobile users can take part in your contests and challenges. Also, make their mobile experience smooth and memorable. Not just on your site, but on your blog and social media, too.

In conclusion, remember that guerilla marketing isn’t really about your brand. It’s about the people who enjoy your brand. If you start from there, creating a campaign that appeals to people becomes easier. Ready to try something? Reach out to us to get something started.

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