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6 Social Media Guerrilla Marketing Tips

Social media is a great breed­ing ground for guer­ril­la mar­ket­ing. But only for those who use it right. Here are the only social media guer­ril­la mar­ket­ing ideas and tips you’ll need to get start­ed.



1. Build Your Guerilla Marketing Campaign Around a Contest

Social media users love con­tests. Pop­u­lar con­tests invite your fans and fol­low­ers to cre­ate their own con­tent. This includes cre­ative self­ies, videos, and cre­ative writ­ing. At the same time, they offer engag­ing rewards.


2. Make Sure It Doesn’t Offend Anyone

Will your social media gueril­la mar­ket­ing cam­paign offend minori­ties or oth­er groups? Gueril­la mar­ket­ing has a long his­to­ry of con­tro­ver­sy. Even big brands get bashed for it now and then. So, remem­ber this — the best mar­ket­ing is effec­tive with­out being offen­sive.


3. Make It Visual

Gueril­la mar­ket­ing ideas that can turn into viral mar­ket­ing cam­paigns are often visu­al. Images, videos, and info­graph­ics make a pow­er­ful state­ment. Every­one under­stands them. They’re also easy to share. If your mar­ket­ing isn’t visu­al, it’s time to make it.


4. Try a Los Angeles Social Media Agency

Like any seri­ous mar­ket­ing cam­paign, gueril­la mar­ket­ing requires plan­ning and mon­i­tor­ing. It also calls for adjust­ments, if it doesn’t work as planned.

Hav­ing a mar­ket­ing agency based in Los Ange­les on your team makes every­thing eas­i­er. It’s also great if your com­pa­ny doesn’t have a ded­i­cat­ed mar­ket­ing team.


5. Make It Engaging

Unlike oth­er types of mar­ket­ing, gueril­la mar­ket­ing is sup­posed to be fun. Peo­ple should take part because they want to. Mak­ing it social is one way to boost engage­ment. This is why tak­ing your mar­ket­ing to social media is a good idea.

Anoth­er thing you can do is address your audi­ence direct­ly. Do it in a way they can’t ignore. Your mar­ket­ing should be a real prob­lem they are fac­ing. In this way, it’s hard for them not to fall for your gueril­la mar­ket­ing ideas.


6. Make It Mobile

When your gueril­la mar­ket­ing is mobile, you can reach a wider audi­ence. Most peo­ple today con­nect to the inter­net through their smart­phones and tablets. It’s faster and eas­i­er than turn­ing on their com­put­er.

Take your gueril­la mar­ket­ing to mobile. Make sure mobile users can take part in your con­tests and chal­lenges. Also, make their mobile expe­ri­ence smooth and mem­o­rable. Not just on your site, but on your blog and social media, too.

In con­clu­sion, remem­ber that gueril­la mar­ket­ing isn’t real­ly about your brand. It’s about the peo­ple who enjoy your brand. If you start from there, cre­at­ing a cam­paign that appeals to peo­ple becomes eas­i­er. Ready to try some­thing? Reach out to us to get some­thing start­ed.

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